Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jenga Disaster

I feel like this video can illustrate my walk with God sometimes. Not such a good thing. I start going through my days in a routine. Without getting in the Word and without waking up and praying. My outside appearance to everyone around me is still the same and no one notices that I didn't start my day with God. Although I notice the changes I don't do anything about it and instead I just ignore that I am sinning against God. People can make comments about me and how I have everything together and how they wish they could have a relationship with God like I do. I start taking pride in having the appearance of this "having it all together Christian" even though I know it's far from the truth. God allows me to run from the truth and allows me to come back whenever I want. It'd be much easier if I would just surrender to Him every day. Instead I wait until something around me starts crashing down. I come to complete brokenness and I reach the point where I turn from the lies I was believing and I turn to God. 

I tell myself every time that I shouldn't wait until something around me is destroyed. Yet, I still wait for that to happen. One of these days I will learn that I can't control everything.

Today I'm thankful for:
-The season changes
-My project roommates and friends

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  1. i'm thankful for you miss lady :) you're b-e-a-utiful. and amazing.